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Customised Cloud Unified Communications

Mitel MiCloud Flex is designed for sophisticated mid-size and enterprise organisations that rely heavily on their telephony and unified communications (UC) systems, including call centres and government agencies. MiCloud Flex offers deep UC functionality with extensive capability to tailor and integrate systems to improve efficiency and simplify usability. All with the added control, performance and security of your own instance in the Google Cloud.

MiCloud Flex is especially suited to organisations that require:

  • customisation to fine-tune the system to specific needs.
  • fully-featured Contact Centre capability.
  • advanced reporting and analytics functionality.
  • integration with legacy, customised or 3rd-party applications.
  • a scalable, cloud-first, subscription-based model.

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Omni-Channel Contact Centre

Customers today expect multiple options and touchpoints to connect with a business. Omni-channel delivers this by enabling customers to reach out to companies via social media, instant messaging, video chat, email and text, instead of engagement being confined to the phone. With seamless transfer and integration between communication methods.

Silent Monitoring

Silent monitoring with barge-in capability enables supervisors to listen in on calls to ensure that staff are providing the customer with the information they require, as well as intervene if necessary. This improves customer service and satisfaction by informing the business where a staff member needs additional training, without the need for later stage intervention from a supervisor.

Artificial Intelligence

Mitel has partnered with Google, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence. Virtual Agent is an AI chatbot and agent assist tool which uses AI prompts to assist a staff member during customer engagements. AI facilitates targeted engagement with the customer, providing the correct answers and resolutions to customer queries more quickly and efficiently.


Skills-Based Routing

Incoming calls can be assigned to the most suitable agent based on their knowledge on the subject at hand. This leads to more efficient resolutions and improves customer satisfaction.

Speech Analytics

Audio recordings and related metadata can be captured, and customer language patterns analysed. This helps businesses to determine whether their staff need additional training in areas such as customer retention or communicating new product offerings.

Workforce Management

Mitel provide their own Workforce Management system, not a 3rd party system requiring integration. Workforce Management optimises your staffing resources, improves performance, and equips businesses with actionable intelligence.



Outbound Campaigns

Predictive and progressive diallers allow companies to cost effectively connect with their customer base. Proactive engagement is an excellent way for businesses to remain at the forefront of a customer’s thoughts when it comes to choosing a vendor.

Why MiCloud Flex?

MiCloud Flex is a purpose-built communications solution built on Google Cloud that improves business productivity. MiCloud Flex features a premium integrated cloud communications solution, built in a secure, dedicated and reliable environment offering full control, with the flexibility to allow advanced customization and integrations.

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