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Flexible MPLS WAN

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the go-to technology for organisations that need to connect multiple locations in a secure way while also providing a high quality of service. A Flexnet MPLS WAN solution can be delivered across multiple carriers and technologies, without the complexity of managing numerous vendors, contracts and devices.

Managed Network

  • Genuine Network Management, not merely compliance with an SLA
  • End to end QoS for voice, video, data, and backup traffic
  • 24 x 7 Network Operations Centre, backed by 24Ă—7 on-site support

Complete Monitoring

  • SolarWinds NPM providing complete SNMP monitoring of all nodes
  • Comprehensive Netflow statistics and reports for traffic analysis
  • Application-aware performance monitoring and management
  • Monitoring of WAN and LAN nodes; switches, routers, access points


  • All Cisco CPE configs backed up with full device hardware warranty
  • 4G wireless modems installed at your site in the event of a major outage
  • Solutions fully integrated with our cloud and support services

Secure MPLS Solutions


Safely manage your MPLS traffic. All Flexnet MPLS solutions are protected by highly available next-generation firewalls, providing advanced malware protection, next-generation intrusion prevention service, and granular profiles and policies.

This is backed by DDoS protection to mitigate attacks against services that are hosted from within your organization’s network.

MPLS Solutions for Voice and Data

Talk with Flexnet to ensure your WAN is up to the task.


Customer Peering

Customers with a Flexnet MPLS WAN can peer directly with public cloud providers to leverage PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS services. Services like Direct Connect through AWS and Express Route from Microsoft Azure let you extend your private MPLS network into public cloud providers, creating a true hybrid cloud architecture that is fast, reliable and private.

Extended Network

Our SmartCLOUD platform is based in the Equinix datacentres in Sydney. It allows Flexnet to leverage Equinix’s rich customer and partner ecosystems, global footprint and state-of-the-art data centres. This means we can connect you with popular services such as Megaport to give you access to many more Ecosystem Partners.

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