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Reliable, high quality WAN for voice and data

To successfully deliver a Unified Communications (UC) solution, the underlying LAN and WAN infrastructure must be voice capable. Flexnet’s consultants have the experience to provide expert assistance.

Voice stresses uncovers limitations in the LAN/WAN infrastructure and is the ‘canary in the mine’ in terms of immediately highlighting issues. You can hear a crackle in a voice call but don’t realise your email arrived five seconds late. Flexnet is focused on working with all our customers to ensure the foundation of the solution (the LAN/WAN) is fit for purpose, so this scenario is avoided.

Our partnership with #1 rated Managed Service Provider, First Focus, provides additional expert IT infrastructure capabilities married with Flexnet’s voice expertise in WAN.



Flexnet are experts in the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of complex multi-carrier WAN solutions. Our core network is designed and dimensioned to provide uncongested switching and transmission performance. Customers can be assured of maximum throughput and minimum latency throughout the MPLS network.



Internet Services

Get all the internet services you’d expect from a business grade ISP, including Fibre, Ethernet, nbn™, Microwave, Mobile and of course ADSL products. Combined with features such as multi-carrier failover, diverse multi-homed internet pathways, and peering on the world’s largest carrier-neutral network, the Equinix Internet Exchange.



Software-Defined Wide Area Networking can replace or extend MPLS networks in some situations by offering simplification, cost reduction, performance optimisation, and redundancy.  Our parent, First Focus, is responsible for monitoring one of the largest SD-WAN networks in the JAPAC region.


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