Simplify your customer communications

Deliver higher levels of service with an integrated, intuitive call center solution

Flexible Enough For Every Size Business

Mitel offers flexible contact center solutions - from smaller, less formal environments to large organizations requiring multimedia, sophisticated routing, enhanced reporting options, self-service, and outbound campaign capabilities. Mitel's best-of-breed approach for supporting the leading CRM and enterprise management applications enables organizations to deploy a complete, integrated contact center solution that meets unique and changing business requirements.

There is no room in the client relationship for downtime. None. At the heart of every Mitel contact center solution is one of our highly reliable phone service platforms, with redundancy and virtualization support built in. This, combined with the high availability and disaster recovery features in Mitel Contact Center solutions, helps protect the call center from WAN and system failures. Mitel offers advanced multimedia and outbound capabilities in an all-in-one contact center solution that can run in the same server, minimizing your administrative demands and lowering the TCO.

Purpose-Built For Easy Implementation

For years, IT departments have faced the unenviable challenge of integrating a “bolt-on” contact center application with the enterprise business phone solution. Customers don’t make a distinction between calls to the contact center and calls to the front desk, so why should your technology? With Mitel phone systems, the contact center is tightly integrated into the service, reducing implementation headaches and creating a more consistent calling experience for your customers.

Mitel contact center solutions offer both agents and supervisors powerful and consolidated capabilities, regardless of location. Features include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), intelligent routing, outbound, and media handling. Through complete unified communications integration, call centers can now achieve single call resolution with functionality that lets agents communicate both externally and internally effectively using voice, Web chat, email, instant messaging.

Agents and supervisors can also take advantage of the latest telecommuting features while still leveraging powerful dashboard, reporting, and unified management capabilities. Contact center managers easily create real-time and historical reports to measure performance against business goals, while empowering agents to leverage customer relationship management information, resulting in improved productivity.

Amplify Team Performance

Because Mitel contact center solutions integrate seamlessly with existing CRM applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you get more out of your two most important assets: people and information. Our out-of-the-box integration with the most popular CRM applications used by contact center operators reduces the cost and complexity of deploying these solutions.