Does your phone system drive productivity?

Every call to and from your business is an opportunity to delight your customers and grow your business.

Shoretel Unified Communications Solutions bring together the worlds of voice and data allowing productivity enablers such as staff presence indication, customised call flow plus integration with MS Outlook and Calender to make sure every call made and received is of maximum value.

Assembling our dream team

To help us provide a better service to you we have appointed a few new positions:

Support Services ManagerJoe Thomlinson has been appointed our Support Services Manager. Joe brings a wealth of IT management experience, managing IT Departments of major Automotive players, most recently, ACL Limited.

Dear Client,

Flexnet is a privately owned Melbourne based company that has been delivering Information technology solutions since 2001. Flexnet have established strong relationships with key organizations to deliver technology integration programs. Our expertise is in designing and delivering major systems integration solutions, business application management and managing projects to deliver a solid foundation for business improvement.